Will smith’s mindset wisdom says it all! It has helped me have a mindset towards my dreams in life, helped me have self – confidence and self – esteem. Helped me see the world with different eyes, if you listen closely, you will see that this is actualy a how to excel yourself! My friends and myself live these powerful words throughout the day! So you too, dream big, dream of a better life, a better world, have confidence on yourself, learn from other people’s wisdom develop a mindset towards your gols and excel!

I would like to think that this inspirational video of will smith’s mindset wisdom is helping people.

This is the KEY to success!

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

“The first step before anyone else in the world believes it, you have to believe it, say it to yourself, I know who i am, i know what i believe, that’s all i need to know!”

“He who says he CAN’T, and he who says he CAN, both are usualy right!”

“If you’re going to be here in this world, at least make it GREAT stay, make a difference, make every group you come in contact with better”

“You HAVE to do good, You need to want to make the world a better place, Just because you are here!”

“You only have one life, If you are not making someone’s life better, your life will be UNbetter, and you’re just wasting time in this world”

“Make a choice, decide, and focus on what it’s going to be, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to do it!!”

“No matter how talented, how strong you are, how smart you are, they will all fail you, if you’re not skilled. Excel in your skills, not talent, skills. Dedicate yourself, Study, work hard, skill is only devolped of hours and hours of beaten on your craft”





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