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Global surgery matters: Sherry Wren at TEDxStanford

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Sherry M. Wren Professor of Surgery (General Surgery), and Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, Stanford University Medical Center Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow 2010-11 Supported by the Iris F. Litt, M.D ...

Dr. Ndola Prata & Richard Trimble on Global Medicine with Dr. Z

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                                    Dr. Prata is an Angolan physician...

Door Frankema – Vaccine-Free Children

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Door Frankema is a mother of two unvaccinated teenagers and soon to be published author of a book about raising vaccine-free children. Over 15 years ago she made a purely intuitive decision not to vaccinate. It ca...

Dr. Božo Radić – Natural Medicinal Bee Products

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The most precious of bee hives for a stronger immune system and health of the whole family ( Company Hedera in their preparations incorporated the most important thing from the bee hive. We talked wit...

Dr. Kenneth Stoller – Neuro-Rehabilitation on Soul Priorities withTuaca Kelly

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Dr. Stoller comes to us from Santa Fe New Mexico where he has served as Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Medical Center of New Mexico. Dr. Stoller is a pediatrician, who decided that more needed to be done for o...

Marcy Zwelling-Aamot, M.D. – Global Medicine

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Marcy Zwelling-Aamot, M.D. is a respected member of the California medical community and a prominent voice in the crusade to improve the broken healthcare system. Dr. Zwelling-Aamot is a quadruple board-certifi...